A Bryk At A Time Season 1 Season 1-2 A Bryk at a Time/A Family Affair

It’s one thing to design your own home, but it’s another to turn your knack for design into a full-time job. Danielle Bryk is about to embark on her biggest challenge yet. After successfully turning a rundown rooming house into her family home, she is putting her money, marriage and sanity on the line and starting her own property company and design firm: The Bryk House.

Season 1 , Season 1 - “A Bryk at a Time”
In the series opener, Danielle’s first design project is hobbled by delays, ill-fitting products and an irregular layout within the house.

Season 1 , Season 1 - “A Family Affair”
Danielle works with a limited budget after a family friend is scammed by another contractor.

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