Ellen 2013.02.22 Kate Walsh Steve Harvey

Ellen’s friend KATE WALSH is here! Her hit show “Private Practice” just came to a dramatic end after an six incredible seasons, and she’s sitting down with Ellen to catch her up on what’s happening in her love life, what’s next for her career, and to discuss her engaging new fragrance, “Boyfriend”! She’s one of Ellen’s favorite guests because she’s always down to have fun — whether Ellen is surprising her with shirtless hunks, getting her to dish on the celebrities she’s kissed, or scaring her with a mountain lion! Don’t miss what they get up to today.

Then, Ellen is famous for her unforgettable hidden camera pranks, but she’s never done one like this! Don’t miss this prank that’s so epic, we needed two TV hosts to pull it off! You won’t believe what Ellen has STEVE HARVEY doing this Friday!

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